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Updated August 2015

We decided to start this web site to promote interest in collecting old iron and to help sell some of our extra items. We farm and don't find the time to exhibit at shows so we can display some our things here on our web page.

We collect, restore, buy, sell and trade:

Maytag collectables, mainly Maytag Multi-Motor engines used on washing machines before electricity was available,

Farm gas engines, or flywheel engines as some folks call them,

Old John Deere tractors,  

pumping windmills,

any old farm related items,

and vintage snowmobiles from the 1960's, 70's, and 80's, especially the Scorpion and Brut brands.

It's never too early to start Maytag'n!

 Thank You for visiting our place on the web!  Email us at tomshotwife@gmail.com

Due to explicit links on our Guestbook we have temporarily dicontinued the insertion page for our Guestbook. Please e-mail us with you comments, where you are from, and your web site.


The Stevens

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Model 72 fruit jar Maytag engine


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