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Below is a list of items we have for sale

We are Tom and Amber Stevens. We live in north central Iowa, not far from Interstate Highways 35 & 90.  You can reach us by email at  or by telephone at (641)390-0743.  We will be glad to fill you in on the deatails of the engines for sale.  We are always open to entertaining offers or trades.  We look forward to hearing from you!






G carb upright

Very early Maytag upright with G carburetor. $1250

1 up upright stove leg engines with rare, two of a kind bases and crank cases. Consecutive serial numbers. Extremely rare. Sold as a pair.
stove leg 1 hp tank in nice condition. $500 plus shipping


1hp upright with aluminum Moto-Mower aluminum base and "F" carb
1/2hp upright Maytag E carb with main bearing carb mount